Ultra Comfort Knee Pads

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Working in the garden can place stress and discomfort on unsupported knees. Be sure to protect your knees with the BEST gardening knee pads available. Cate's Garden Ultra Comfort Garden Knee Pads are ideal to make your gardening experience the MOST comfortable - so you can keep on doing what you love best.

Designed With Your Comfort in Mind

Being on one's knees on the lawn or in the garden can produce soreness over time. Yet kneeling is the ideal position for so many aspects of gardening. You may have tried other gardening knee pads that simply weren't, well, comfortable. Many knee pads bind and leave marks, aren't thick enough to offer support or simply don't provide enough cushion. That's why we designed the BEST gardening knee pads. Our pads won't bind or pinch and have the softest cushioning we've ever come across. They're a must-have for any avid gardener.

What Makes Cate's Knee Pads Your Best Choice?

Our knee pads offer ALL of the following features that make them uniquely comfortable and supportive:
  • 3/4” thick quality EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam for the ultimate in support, comfort and durability
  • Extra-long straps to accommodate any knee size
  • Soft straps both above and below the knee, so your knee pads stay put
  • Rugged, durable reinforced design including extra-secure double-stitching
  • Extra long-life, water-resistant Neoprene covering

Cate's Ultra Comfort knee pads stay on securely and won't bind or pinch.

Quality Foam Core: Support, Flexibility, Softness

The thick foam core securely stitched into our knee pads provides the firm support your knees require, while adding a cushiony, soft, comfortable feel. And it's more durable than many foam paddings, providing your knee pads with long life so you can use them again and again with confidence.

Neoprene Provides Superior Durability

The entire core is double stitched with Neoprene, an extremely durable synthetic rubber used in a number of applications, including swimwear, medical devices and sports wear. Neoprene resists degradation better than natural or other synthetic rubbers. It is also water- and weather-resistant so you can use it even when kneeling on damp earth or frost.

Knee Pad Specifications

  • 10 1/4” straps
  • 6 1/2” of velcro on longest straps
  • 5 1/2” shorter straps with 3 1/2” Velcro loops
  • 8 X 3 3/4” extra-supportive knee pad core
  • 3/4” thick EPE foam

Washing Instructions

  • Method one: Hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.
  • Method two: Machine-wash delicate cycle, cold water setting. Make sure all Velcro straps are CLOSED before placing in washing machine. Hang to dry.

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