4-Piece Garden Hand Tool Set

Comfortably dig, plant, scoop, transplant and weed in your garden with these classic garden hand tools by Cate’s Garden.

Hand Trowel: A workhorses for all gardeners, the classic hand trowel is one of the most versatile garden tools for any yard. Use for any garden activity that requires digging in your flower or vegetable beds.

Transplanting Trowel: More narrow than a regular trowel, a transplanter is designed to be used in smaller and tighter spaces, such as a pot or rock garden, or for spaces between other plants.

Hand Cultivator: A cultivator is designed to draw straight lines in your soil to better prepare for planting. This hand rake features a wide three-prong stainless-steel head to dig and scratch in the soil, loosening dirt and creating trenches.

Hand Weeder: Weeding made easy! Our compact weed remover features a curved, leveraged base that sits on the ground while you angle the strong, sharp forks into the soil to dig around the root base. Use the fork to then pry the roots and stem and loosen the soil to pull out the weed.

Key features:

★ Lightweight, rust-resistant stainless-steel head

★ Ergonomic ash handles for comfort and durability

★ All tools come with a leather strap for easy storage (not pictured)

★ Each tool can also be bought separately.

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