About us

Hello there! You’re probably thinking “Who is Heck is Cate?” Well, she’s my daughter, and she loves gardening. She’s only eight, but has already planted carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers and a dogwood bush over many years. She also loves helping take the compost to our outdoor bin, and is amazed at how it magically transforms into dirt.

Well then, who are we? As you may have guessed, we’re a small, family-owned company passionate about gardening. Cate’s Dad, Chris, operated a local garden center, and has been involved in organic gardening for over 20 years. Cate’s Mom, Susie, makes sure all the dirt is cleaned off the rest of the family before they come in. She also makes a wicked salsa with ingredients from the garden.

Our products are personally tested and designed, and they take a lot of abuse before we are satisfied. Our compost thermometer has been stuck in our bin for four months with no issues, though we do recommend storing it in your garage or shed!

We designed and tested our knee pads for four months. They are so comfortable that Cate’s Grandma stole a prototype to replace her old garden kneeling pad (but we gave her a finished pair for Christmas).

Right now we’re busy pruning with our bypass pruners and ratchet shears.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Without you, we wouldn’t have a company. If you have any issues, concerns or feedback about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.