Your December Gardening Checklist By Zone

December 14, 2016

I'm doing something I usually don't on our blog: I'm posting someone else's piece.

You'll understand why when you do a quick read-through. This article gives good, easy information on wintertime garden chores and projects and divides them by zone. This isn't always easy information to come by, and at Cate's Garden we wonder at times whether we have everyone "covered," so to speak, since different zones experience the seasons differently, and at varying stop and end times. Today's article breaks things down and is useful for a wide variety of climates.

As for us? Here in Southern California, "wintering over" does apply, though you might not think it would. For instance, anywhere around the globe, certain plants and grasses will have a dormancy period. Our roses are in last bloom and next month we'll be pruning back to 1/3, awaiting spring. Meanwhile our lawn is calming down and has basically stopped its growth at this point. But we continue to work on our compost bins, rake and "blow," collect the last leaves, and of course, feed our birds.

Have a quick read-through and get going on some helpful and very gratifying chores to get your garden through winter and into spring in all its glory.


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