Love Topiaries? Grow Your Own With These EASY Steps

July 13, 2016

Topiaries are big cool points for your lawn or garden. And they LOOK so hard to do (and to maintain). But there's a secret cheat that makes even the most intricate-appearing topiary within any average gardener's grasp.

The secret: a topiary form.

Some gardeners are artistic enough to create their own wire forms, but you can purchase an amazing variety to suit your garden and your own fancy. Once you have your form, you're on your way. Here's how to create your own amazing topiary:

1. Purchase a form. A topiary form is a wire frame (sometimes coated to be longer-lasting) in a specific shape. Your plant will be grown around this form. Topiary forms range from simple to complex - and reasonably-priced up to the hundreds. If this is your first try, we suggest going less pricey and less intricate. As you get more adept at topiary-growing, you can expand from there.

2. Choose your plant. Certain plants will grow and cover the wires of the topiary better and will be easier to trim back to the shape of the topiary as they grow. Ivy is perfect for this purpose. English ivy, Boston ivy, periwinkle or any vining plant will do. 


3. Fill the form with sphagnum moss. This will help the topiary look "complete" faster as the inside will appear to be filled out by the plant that's actually around it (more on this in #4).

4. Plant your vine around the topiary form. This will require either placing the topiary into a pot and planting the vine's roots behind it, or having the topiary be stationary in an area of your yard and planting behind the topiary. GENTLY wrap the vine around the topiary as far as its growth will allow. 

5. Train and prune your topiary. CAREFULLY and GENTLY move areas of the vine to begin covering your topiary. Prune per your plant's needs (ask your local nursery if you're not sure how to prune your specific vine). Be patient - in time you'll have a cool natural "sculpture" that will be the talk of the neighborhood!


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