Bulbs: Plant Now for Beauty Next Spring

The coming of fall all always reminds me of my grandmother and her bulbs.

As a child, it was hard for me to envision doing something that I wouldn't be able to enjoy for months and months. Spring was so far away. What could my grandmother possibly be thinking?

But if there's any one lesson that spans every gardener of every description, in every locale...it's patience. 

Plant now and you will be glad next spring that you did...just as my childhood self did when I saw the gorgeous fruits of my grandmother's months-ago labor.

Here are five GREAT bulbs to plant this fall for a beautiful spring 2017.


You already knew this one. But we're including it anyway because who doesn't love a fresh spring blooming of tulips? Tulips are THE flower of spring, so get those bulbs in this autumn.


These are another icon of the warming days of spring. They come in a variety of choices to add interest to your garden.


The wonderful scent of these blooms make warm days wonderful. Plant pink, lavender or white versions (or all three).


Iris are so lovely and can make either a beautiful border, a for-corners garden accent or your garden's centerpiece.


This sweet little flower will be one of the very first shoots you see next spring - you may even see these peeking up from the snow!


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