The Easy Way to Lasagna Garden

January 13, 2016

We’ll bet by now you’ve heard of “lasagna gardening” (or lasagna composting). It would be hard not to – it’s all the rage among gardeners, particularly those who recycle and who avoid artificial fertilizers and mulches.

But you’re probably wondering exactly what’s involved. Is it complex? Does it take years? How much space will you need?

Lasagna Gardening is Easy!

Actually, even if you have a comparatively small gardening space, you’re in luck: lasagna gardening takes no more space than the average compost bin (though you can go as large as you want). And it’s as easy as layering materials and waiting for composting to happen.

Of course, you’ll have better luck if you watch your lasagna pile, making sure it’s neither too wet nor too dry and that the temperature is within range for a quick, even but non-smelly and non-pest-attracting breakdown of components. But once you have those simple steps down, you can go ahead and jump right in.

Why Lasagna Garden?

Lasagna Gardening allows you to create your own rich compost/soil and plant all in the same space. Once your lasagna garden has decomposed into rich, dark brown, sandy-feeling material, you can go ahead and plant. Your harvest will receive all the wonderful nutrients it needs to get a great start and give you a better-than-ever yield.

Best of all, lasagna gardening can be done any time of year, including in the fall leading into cold weather. The compost will be created during the fall and winter and will be ready for spring planting. So if you’re considering lasagna gardening, now’s the time.

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