Container Gardening: Feast Your Eyes

January 11, 2016

Good morning, everyone!

Our container gardening experiment is off to a strong start, with tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and a few flower varieties looking healthy and strong (some were started from seeds, others from seedlings). I wanted to take a moment to talk about container gardening – and, wait for it: some fab container plant pics for inspiration.

Container gardening is such a great option for people who have very little space and/or don’t want to arm-wrestle with particularly difficult indigenous soil. This year, in my household, we elected not to dig up and replace (with growing-friendly earth and compost) our side yard, as we have so much else already planted there and in between, a stretch of lawn. But we really wanted to use that space. It was calling to us.

You may have a stretch of space that’s calling to you, too, but don’t want to disturb things too much. Or perhaps you don’t have much space at all – for example, you may live in an apartment, or have very little square footage around the perimeter of your home. The answer is, of course, container gardening. You’ll be amazed how many things you actually can grow in pots, staggered (stair-step style, so everything gets enough sun) wooden structures and even on your walls!

Get creative. Find sizes but shapes that both appeal to you and fit into all the nooks and corners (provided they receive sufficient sun) of your own space. You can also plant indoors, placing your pots in sunny areas or using a light/sun lamp to keep your plants happy.

Do keep in mind exactly what you can grow in various-size containers. Some plants need A LOT of space in the soil to stretch out their roots. Others require less foot-room, so to speak, and some have been bred specifically to require little soil space. (In fact, our tomatoes and cukes are pot/container varieties.)

If you’re short on space, don’t give up on your growing dreams. It CAN be done! Good luck and happy growing – and in the meantime, here are some great pics to give you a few ideas and get you on your way.


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