Happy Spring 2015!

January 11, 2016

It’s spring – at least officially. Depending upon what hardiness zone you’re in, you may already have lots of goodies growing in the ground, or you may be waiting another month or so.

Even if you’re in a cold-weather zone, you can get started now. Peat pots are great for starting seeds and growing them to seedlings; 4-6 weeks should be perfect for getting your new growth sturdy and grown enough to go into the earth or into larger containers and outdoors.

Remember to research your plants: some are sun-lovers, others need partial shade; there are very thirsty varieties and others that like things on the drier side. If you don’t get much sun indoors in any room of your house, consider using a growing lamp. However, peat pots are generally small enough that you can easily move them around from windowsill to windowsill in order to get the most sun.

Next week I’ll be speaking a bit more about container gardening. It’s ideal for urban or small-space areas. I’ll have images of some of my “experiments” and would love to see your own ventures in container gardening, so contact us with any submissions.

Happy spring and happy growing!

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