Spring is Coming! Do You Know Your Gardening Zone?

January 06, 2016

Well, folks, it’s my favorite gardening time of year.

Spring is coming!

The “official” start of spring this year is March 20. However, for some of us, planting has already begun for our spring/summer crops. For others, last frost isn’t for a bit yet.

That’s why it’s important to know your gardening zone. Also called the Hardiness Zone, this map/chart lets you know when it’s safe to break ground and get those fledglings that you’ve had under a sun lamp into the fresh, wonderful-smelling spring earth.

he USDA has a handy chart here. Check it out and if you’re a head-starter like myself, you’ll want to get some seeds into peat pots right now so they’re up and ready when your ground is.

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