Compost Bins as Decor? Sure!

June 09, 2016

Full disclosure: my compost bins are NOT beautiful. Actually, my city was offering a "green incentive" by delivering compost bins to people's doors for just $25. Who could have passed that offer up? A good-quality pre-fab bin can cost upwards of $150, $200 or more.

I have the space and the semi-seclusion to have my bins placed without being an eyesore, so to speak. But if you don't, and the "look" of a giant green or black bin is turning you away from composting, check out THESE fun and, yes, pretty ideas for compost bins.

My comments on each are below; the full article is here. Enjoy, and happy composting!

1. WILLOW BRANCHES - I'm going to assume that the branches will decompose over time along with the compost inside, especially in wet conditions. Therefore, if choosing this option, I'd stay small and keep the basket in a locale where you'll be fine with a compost mound (many of our readers keep mounds rather than actual bins). Either way: pretty! This is our staff favorite by far.


2. WOOD SLATS - We've referenced these before, because this may be the second-easiest compost bin you ever build (the easiest, in our opinion, is punching holes in the bottom of an outdoor trash can). But isn't wood so much lovelier than plastic? This smaller-size bin can be tucked away in an inconspicuous area, but in our opinion, it's nice-looking enough that it doesn't have to be. Nice job!

3. TRENCH SYSTEM - This looks like a bit more work to accomplish, but WOW! It's not only decorated with growing greenery, it's walkable. This is a real landscaping piece, if you have the room and the creativity; or try a smaller-size version if quarters are a bit more cramped in your yard.

4. THE PLASTIC OPTION - No, it's not "natural," but there are many reasons to choose plastic, particularly if it's made from recycled materials. Plastic tends to be sturdy and will withstand more extreme environmental conditions (particularly dampness and snow). The above option passes the "nice-look" test due to its natural coloring (brown), which blends in better with a green/growing surround.

5. LATTICE - Lattice covers all manner of, well, less savory sights, including older faucet systems, garbage cans, air conditioners, electricity meters and in this case, a compost bin. Lattice has the added benefit of being ideal for "climbers," which will blend it in beautifully with your lawn or garden.

6. PALLET - What's great about a pallet? You don't have to build it yourself - and you may not even have to buy it. Many store locales will "unload" (see what we did there?) their older, falling-apart pallets to you for the price of zero dollars and zero cents, so ask. For the purpose of hiding a compost container, you don't need a pallet that's in perfect condition, but if slats are falling off or missing, the fix is as easy as a nail or two.

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