These Birdhouses Will Wow You

May 05, 2016






We have plenty of birds around my house - living in a temperate-weather area, most species stay local rather than leaving for periods of time during the year.

But what REALLY makes them stick around is a habitat that feels welcoming, protective and is made just for them.




This occurs over and over again in nature; logs, tree knots and even chinks in a brick wall all attract birds. But if you want to give things a push, try creating your very own birdhouse - or (as this article illustrates), more than one!

Want to encourage feathered friends to your yard? Get creative. (For example, we LOVED the shoe. Wow!) And think like a bird! Here's how:

* The birdhouse should be high enough off the ground that its little visitors won't feel threatened by ground-level predators.

* Give your visitors enough space - but not so much that they feel overwhelmed by too much emptiness around them. A fairly snug environment with room to move entirely around (front to back) is perfect.

* If you use seed or other food to attract birds, replace it regularly and keep it up off the ground to help waylay unwanted travelers (such as rats).

* You DON'T have to spend a lot to create a great birdhouse - and you don't have to be particularly handy with tools. Some of these mini homes require the home itself, a hammer and a few nails - that's it!



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