10 GREAT Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener (And Pssst...They're All UNDER $30!)

It's that time of year again. For some, it's NOT time to garden - not everyone has the room for a greenhouse or cold frame (or inside the house, for a full-on lights setup). But once the holiday season is over, thoughts turn to spring, and every gardener is turning over his or her shed to determine what needs to be tossed and replaced in the new year.

With that in mind, here are 10 great gifts every gardener will love. The bonus? They all cost less than $30. (By the way, it's okay if you put one or two of these "gifts" in your own stocking, too!)

1. EcoFarms Heirloom Seeds Kit

Corn, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and more are included in this giftable box. What a lovely presentation - and every basic veggie the spring gardener needs, at her fingertips. $23

2. Willow Tree Angel of the Garden



This sweet girl is 5.5" tall and makes a lovely indoor decoration piece, or can oversee a sweet fairy garden. I have a collection of willow tree angels for all seasons, but this one is specific to the garden-lover, making it the perfect holiday gift. $16

3. Gardener's Gold Soap

The original! Healing garden herbs soothe hands that have been busy in the earth, coaxing life anew. The scent is amazing, by the way. This little tin is the ideal stocking stuffer. $9.50

4. Three-Piece Garden Tool Set

These tools are ergonomically designed (see below for more wrist-friendly tools!). That means no more pain while you garden! Even if she doesn't struggle with wrist or hand pain, any gardener is wise to enlist in a little prevention. These tools do the trick. $23

5. Cate's Garden Bypass Pruning Sheers

The one and only! These shears make trimming easy. SK5 carbon blades are super-sharp, super-sturdy and resist rust. And the ergonomically designed handle makes those snips a piece of cake. These are a gardening must-have gift. $27

6. Trowel and Error: 700 Organic Remedies

This book is FUN...but it's also smart. Our favorite combination! Find garden-based solutions to hundreds of life's little problems - inside the garden and out. Every gardener will want this for his or her shelf. $13.50 (hardcover)

7. The Drunken Botanist

...and speaking of books, did you know how many plants have been, or can be, distilled? You will soon, when the lucky recipient of this fun book relays all she's learned. Flowers, trees and fruits are all covered in this ultra-happy romp. $12 (hardcover)

8. Sloggers Wide-Brim Sun Hat

Spring sunshine is wonderful, but over time, too much unprotected sun can do damage to skin. An SPF-rated hat is one gift every gardener will appreciate. $14

9. Garden Kneeling Pad

Ouch! - Don't worry...help is on the way for gardeners who need to kneel in order to prune, dig, plant and weed. This little pad has amazing reviews from satisfied customers and is price-friendly for gift-giving. $15

10. Apollo Garden Tool Kit/Breast Cancer Research

It's not the tools we love so much about this kit (though they're none too shabby!), it's the fact that the company will donate $1 to breast cancer research for each purchase made. In breast cancer-aware pink, this makes a special gift from the heart. $24

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