Wow! The Best Bird Feeders of Pinterest

Many of our readers have birds that stay around all winter long. For them, a great birdhouse or bird feeder is essential. After all, winter is a lean time for any wild creature.

We love birdhouses. They offer shelter, protection, and for the humans that fill them with feed, something gorgeous to look at all year long. Bird feeders also attract pretty visitors and can be designed to offer a little shelter from rain or falling snow.

Looking for ideas on a birdhouse that's a departure from the same-old same-old? We found the following totally awesome bird attractors just for you.

P.s.: If you're just getting started, we've included some tips on choosing and stocking a great birdhouse below. Enjoy!

Cozy Cottage House

You can create this yourself by hot-gluing craft stones to a standard birdhouse kit. Add your own painted touches. Gorgeous!

Adorable Country Church

This is so cute, and we're happy to see it comes with a full set of plans. So adorbs!

Sweet Tea(pot) Bird House

This couldn't be simpler: take a pretty tea pot, hang it, and sprinkle in some feed.

The Happy Hotel

To make this cute hotel, grab a basic birdhouse kit, add twigs, craft sticks, faux snow and paint a tiny sign. A great family craft for a rainy weekend. Done!

Happy Sunflower Bird Feeder

This is more of a roadside stop than a hotel, but we had to include it for the gorgeousness factor. From Wayfair.

Refurbished Vintage Lantern

The idea behind this is simple: take an old, weathered lantern and attach a rustic birdhouse. It's gorgeous and shabby-chic.

Hungry Kitty Birdhouse

It's not just the birds who are being fed! Get it here.

Bird Feeder Basics

1. We've shown you some eye-catching ideas, but you can start with any basic semi-enclosed shape. Look around your house or shed. What can you repurpose? Try an old watering can, a cracked pottery planter, or even some interlaced craft dried grapevines.

2. Know your birds. What do the birds local to your area like to eat? NEVER put "treats" into your bird feeder if you aren't certain they're safe for your indigenous birds.

3. If you place fruit into your feeder, replace every other day.

4. Water is a great idea, too. If you place a water source, such as a shallow dish, near your feeder, you'll get even more visitors.

5. Be aware that your bird feeder may attract other guests. Squirrels and even rats may dip in occasionally.

6. If you're not sure of your crafting skills but want something gorgeous, buy a prefab birdhouse or bird feeder kit. Then glue and paint your own touches (we've made a few suggestions above).

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