Wow! Awesome Bird Feeders For Your Spring Garden (Inspired By Pinterest)

As we're sure you know, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Thursday, portending six more weeks of winter (as if the calendar hadn't told us that).

But we look at it as: only six more weeks? We are so not ready! It's a mad dash around our household to get the plans made (and laid out) for this year's gardens. We are doing some MAJOR revamping.

But some things never change...and one is that we all love birds in our garden (as well as butterflies and yes, bees - articles on each of these to come). In the meantime, here are some awesome bird feeders I sussed out on Pinterest for inspiration. Enjoy!

Oriole Feeder

Wow! This and others like it can be found on Etsy. But it seems like a pretty simple, straight shot to make one of your own. Use natural materials or go to your local dollar or crafts store for bits and pieces. So cool!

Coffee Mug Suet Feeder

Suet, anyone? This is so adorable. Coffee anything is the current trend for the garden (and/or tea anything), so this mug is a great, kitschy touch for yours. I might go full-throttle with this idea using an actual long-handle stirrer spoon for the perch, but use your imagination and follow your own style.

Cattail Wire Mesh Feeders

These are cool because they stand up from the ground, rather than hanging, giving a unique look. Beware of rats and squirrels, though. If you have such a pest problem, you may want to place these into a hanging arrangement to make things trickier for furry friends to get to.

Squirrel Tire Swing

Okay, so we just told you how not to allow squirrels into your feeders, and this is a *bird* feeder article...but how could we have possibly passed this up? Just look at the adorableness. It seems simple enough: get hold of a mini tire (craft stores, ebay, Amazon), attach by some twine and there you go...a squirrel's playground.

Mini Saloon

Belly up to the bar, pardners, and have yerself some feed! This is an actual "project", so be sure you have the right tools on hand and follow the directions. What a fun addition to your yard/garden.

Teapot Feeder

We hate to say "we told you so," but here it is again, and in an adorable style. This teapot "pours" seed for your feathered friends all year round.

Acorn Feeders

Fun for fall, but these can work all year long, at least in our opinion. Where to hang them? From an oak tree, of course!


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