Want Gorgeous Fall Color? Plant Now

With temperatures rising as we gear up for high summer, it may be hard to imagine the crisp mornings and awe-inspiring colors of autumn.

But yes, fall come. Will your garden be ready? You may be thinking it's too late for bulbs, but you do have fall flower choices - and you're going to love what we have in store for you.

Plant your fall garden in advance so you can bring the gorgeous colors of autumn into your own yard. Here are our top pics for autumn magic in your own little slice of heaven.


Marigolds just say "autumn" all over. They're a traditional fall plant, both directly in the garden and potted on your front stoop. In red, yellow or orange, they come in a huge number of varieties; choose what appeals to you.

If you plant seeds now, you'll have blooms in about 8 weeks. Or buy plants with unopened buds and wait for the magic.


Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors and start in the summer, but they're iconic to fall. Grow in pretty clusters in the corners around your garden or place in pots.

To get your fullest, most prolific bunches, pinch the first buds. You'll get lusher growth.

Red Salvia

Salvia delivers a pop of surprising color to your fall garden. Its stalks grow to about 18" high, with gorgeous blooms that attract late-season bees and other pollinators.

Choose either annuals or perennials; both varieties are available. They won't survive frost, so count on these for early autumn or temperate zones.


Nasturtium is perfect either potted or as ground cover. As a bonus, you can eat the flavorful little flowers.

Give plants about 12" distance from one to the next if planting directly in the ground (rather than in pots).


Snapdragons grow tall and give a fairy-like appearance to your garden. Even better: they come in a variety of colors. Add a "wow" factor by planting purple, blue or pink.

Add young snapdragons if you're planting this late in summer (rather than starting from seed) and place as borders or anywhere you want to draw the eye to the beauty of your garden.

Remember: the only rules for your autumn garden are that you plant appropriately for the weather...AND put your personal touch into every bloom. Arrange your fall blooms to suit your eye and draw attention. You'll have happiness all autumn long

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