Try These Wow-Worthy Valentine's Day Ideas for Gardeners

Winter can be a tough time for gardeners. Unless you're in a zone where growing year-round is a possibility (or unless your favorite gardener has his own greenhouse), that grower in your life may be just sitting on his hands waiting for spring.

Bring a little life to mid-February with these awesome Valentine's Day gift ideas. They're easy, fun, and your loved one will be thrilled! Read on for the scoop.

Potted Plant

As my mother used to day, "I hate getting cut flowers. They die." Take a tip from Mom. Give her the gift that lives on and looks gorgeous! 

  • If you know her favorite flowers, veggies or herbs, call your local nursery and ask whether they're in stock. If not, do you know what her favorite color is? Bright blooms that match her visual tastes are your best bet.
  • Potted fruit trees are an absolutely amazing gift. Make sure the tree is a dwarf variety and can either stay in the pot or be replanted if desired.
  • An indoor herb "garden" of six or more mini potted herbs is a delightful gift idea for any gardener.
  • If the plants will most likely be kept outdoors, make sure to get weather-hardy varieties that match your geographic zone.

Canned Fruit or Veggies

If you love canning, select the yummiest choices from last harvest's stash and give him a basket of home-picked joy.

  • Canned berries or fruits are perfect.
  • Pickled veggies can be an awesome gift., too They're home-made, so they contain that element of having taken some extra care. Add a pretty ribbon to the mouth of the jar.
  • If you didn't have any leftovers from last canning/storing season, canning fruits you bought in the store will still be appreciated.
  • No time to can or pickle? Make a delightful pie, fruit butter or syrup (mmm!) from your stored harvest.

This is best if the fruits come from your own garden, of course. On the other hand, unless you're in Zone 8 or above, fresh garden yields can be problematic. 

A fun alternative option is to go to your local farmer's market or choose from the organic section at your supermarket. Then create your delicious recipe and present it to your loved one.

Home-made Floral Gift Card

Grab your craft scissors and let's go! This fun project can be done with fresh blooms (if you're in a warm growing zone), flowers you already pressed and preserved, or flowers you buy at your local florist's.

TO MAKE IT: Place the flowers and herbs you want to use between two paper towels. Press this between two heavy items (books will work fine). Replace the paper towels daily; they're there to preserve moisture. Most flowers should be dried and pressed within a week; some may be done sooner, especially if you previously picked them and they were already partially dry. When they're ready, cut a piece of cardboard or card stock to size and add a little love note to the page.


A Winter "Garden Party"

Bring an early spring indoors for your beloved! Cut juniper or other evergreen sprigs you have in your yard and place them in a jar as a centerpiece. Put a checkered tablecloth onto the table, fill up a picnic basket with your own preserves (or visit the organic section of your local store) and you have a beautiful indoor party in the heart of winter.

To make it a real garden party, try these dishes:

  • Serve finger sandwiches made with fresh veggies
  • Bake cupcakes and top with your own fresh berries (depending upon your zone) or berries from your supermarket
  • Brew a wonderful tea using fragrant fresh herbs; add a dash of honey, chill, then serve over ice
  • Tie herb bundles or mini flowers together and place at each setting for added charm

Restock Her Shed

What's the gardener's preferred gift that keeps on giving? Garden tools, naturally! She'll adore you all year long if you think of her comfort when choosing garden tools. Choose tools that are ergonomically designed, easy to use and store in the shed, and look great.

Wrap a ribbon around the bundle to make it all extra-pretty. Add a beautiful card like the one above and you've got a lovely Valentine's Day gift that shows you're on board with her love of gardening.

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