Six Super Gardening Gifts for the Holidays

This Christmas, what do you get the gardener who has everything?

Practically anything garden-related that came out within the past three years That's right: garden tools, gloves and convenience items are always evolving. You're going to be surprised how far some of the best-loved items have been kicked up a notch to make gardening more fun and rewarding than ever.

At the same time, certain things will ALWAYS be in style: quality, durability, and flexibility, to name three. This is especially true of work items for the garden hobby enthusiast.

And then about something really different? It's so tough to decide, isn't it?

Never fear: here are six super ways to say "happy holidays" to that gardener in your life. Enjoy!

A Great Read 

Love reading? Your favorite gardener probably does, too! Dig up the latest gardening Best Sellers on Amazon.

For extra flavor, find something that takes gardening to completely different levels. The Drunken Botanist is one series that's become a smash hit. Be creative with your book gift choice.

A Cool Tool Belt

Tool belts never looked so good and fashionable! Check out different gardening tool carriers that are a match for your gift recipient's personality.

We love this one, 'cause, you's tough. And pink.

Garden Tools

Yes, the most basic workhorse set of tools in any gardener's toolkit. This tool set from Cate's Garden (yes, our little feature plug) features 4 tools built with high quality SK5 stainless steel heads and rustic ash wood handles.

Comes with a trowel, transplanter, weeder and cultivator, all in a box you can wrap up for under the tree!

A Hilarious Tee

So excited about giving a gardening gift that you're about to wet your plants? Then choose a fun, whimsical, or hilarious top for that Good Gardener on your Christmas list. 

TIP: Larger is always better than too small. Go a size up when ordering a T-shirt if you're not sure of the recipient's size. She can always wear it as a fun night top if it's a bit on the loose side, and many blend materials shrink after the first wash.

Ratcheted-Up Easy-Squeeze Tools

People with special gardening considerations, such as arthritis, will benefit from ergonomic garden pruners (okay, yes, this is our product too!) Let's face it, MOST of us let the whole buying-new-tools thing go way, way past its expiration date with old, rusty tools sharpened one too many times.

Bring your Secret Santa recipient into the current millennium with some seriously "ratcheted-up" pruners that makes pruning easier than ever.

Buy them here on our site or at

A Cool Carry-All

Tote along all your faves (including any of the gifts above!) in a pretty garden-themed canvas bag. Choose one that displays the recipient's favorite flowers or fruit.

Bonus: Add extra gifts inside it and wrap it all in a box for under the tree! 

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