Adorable Fairy Garden Hacks

We've talked about fairy gardens before here at Cate's Garden. There's just so much to love: they fit anywhere, look amazing, bring a bit of whimsy to your garden or home and can even be maintained indoors as decor.

Looking for fresh ideas for your fairy garden? We combed Pinterest and found these fun, adorable and EASY fairy garden hacks:

1. Tiny Hammock

Isn't this precious? Bore one small hole in each of two twigs or small-scale dowels. Use a hole punch to create small holes along two short sides of a rectangular piece of fabric. Run bits of white twine through the holes and gather at the ends. Thread through the holes in the twigs and tie off.

2. Fairy Playtime Swing

Here's another super-easy creation. Find a twig that bends in a "U" shape. Bore two holes on either sides of the cup of the U. Thread twine through the holes and tie behind each. Wrap the loose (bottom) ends of the twine around a small piece of bark. Tie.

3. Acorn Lanterns

We LOVE these. Gather acorns and carefully take the tops off. Dry completely by laying out for up to a week on a towel. Screw a miniature jewelry hook into the top of each. Glue a faux crystal or glass ball into the open (bottom) side of the acorn top. Dry completely. Hang each "lantern" from a metal hook and insert into the bed of your fairy garden.

4. Fey Folk Bicycle

Careful - if you haven't worked with wire before, either go very slowly or skip this idea. The ends of the wire will be sharp! Take two matching buttons. Thread wire through the holes and using jewelry pliers, bend the wire into the shape of a bicycle. Set the bike against a tree or a feature of your fairy garden to await a tiny rider!

5. Thimble Potted Plants

Paint these ahead of time if you'd like, or leave them in their original silver. Turn the thimble over and fill with either dirt or sphagnum moss. Insert tiny succulents or clippings of a faux plant. So easy! Mable Crafts-alot,

6. Garden Gazing Balls

Gazing balls are all the rage for gardens. Here you can "downsize" them to fit your fairy garden! Glue a marble or round crystal/round piece of glass on the top of a golf tee. Make enough to line your fairy garden's path or arrange around a portion of the fairy garden to accent the area and give it a mystical beauty.

7. A Trail of Snails

Here's another super-easy, super-inexpensive fairy garden idea. Mold green or beige (mix brown and white) air-dry clay into snail shapes. Place a marble gently down onto the top of each snail to make an impression of the right shape and size; gently remove the marble, leaving the indent intact. Gently insert tiny pieces of wire for the antennae. Allow clay to dry completely, then glue the marble on top.

8. Cheery Campfire

Take a large-size cotton ball and pull it outward and upward to resemble the shape of flames in a campfire. Dip into yellow fabric dye. Allow to dry completely. Now dip about 3/4 of the way into orange dye, pull out quickly and dip back in, pulling back out quickly. You are looking for a not-quite-even, natural flames look. Again, dry completely. Place the tuft in the earth of your fairy garden and line in a circle with stones.



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