Pimp Your Garden Shed 10 Cool Ways

I know what you're thinking.

A garden shed makeover?

It's...a shed. You know. That square-ish (or rectangular-ish...let's just say, in some way large-box-ish) oversize tool holder that sits in your backyard.

What's there to make over?

Plenty! If you haven't seen today's evolution in garden sheds, you don't know what you're missing...but luckily, once you're in the know, you won't have to miss anything at all. AND you'll be the envy of all your green-thumbed neighbors.

Use these tips to get your shed into tip-top shape both functionally and visually, so you'll love this part of your garden as much as the rest of your beautiful green yard.

1. Hang it Up

The easiest and quickest way to get a neat look to your shed, and to reduce the risk of tripping over or losing things, is to hang smaller items on the walls. Put up a board and hangers, or nail hangers directly into the walls of the shed if they're wood and you don't mind them permanently being in the places you designate. Either way, in one-two-three, your shed will look neat and will be super-organized.  (houseandhome.com)

2. Give it a Facelift

This may seem unnecessary, but there's another side to this coin: when you add siding to your shed, you not only boost its adorable factor, you help protect it from the elements. Wood is traditional for a shed, but doesn't always wear well, particularly in the elements, so consider wood-look vinyl siding as well.

3. Open it Out

French doors really give this adorable shed a cosmetic lift. They also leave lots of room to put larger items into the shed as their width is nearly the entire front side. (ironandtwine.com)

4. Reuse, Repurpose, Upcycle

There are so many ways to repurpose old garden items. In this very cute, very functional take, old-fashioned garden hose turn knobs have been painted whimsical colors and now serve as hooks for the owner's garden shed. Cute! (gardeners.com)

5. Put In a Handy Work Table

This work table is so simple (wood planks) but so serviceable. You can re-pot, seed and more right inside your shed without making a mess inside your house or on the floor of your garage. The look is appealing, too. (http://brookegiannetti.typepad.com/velvet_and_linen)

6. Add Some Flower Power

If your shed is looking a little, well, blah, what better way to chirk things up than with flowers? Put up a window box and fill it with fresh blooms. Hang shags or individual flowers (real or faux) as well. (hometalk.com)

7. Blend it In

If you just don't like the look of a shed in your yard (not everyone does), grow climbers all over it and let it blend into a wild, romantic English-style garden. (If you're doing this, make sure you're using vinyl, aluminum or some other non-wood siding, as climbers will encourage termites.) (http://ladyannescharm.blogspot.ca)

8. Make it Seasonal

Love to change things up? Change what's planted around your shed to celebrate each season. (To make this even easier, have potted plants around your shed so you can simply switch one out for another when the seasons change.) Also decorate the shed itself seasonally with pretty wreaths, holiday hangings and lights. (http://ladyannescharm.blogspot.ca)

9. Install a Sink

There's nothing handier than a sink in the shed. Here, a vintage sink has been reused (smart!) with the addition of a cute cottage-style dust ruffle. If you'd like to have the basin be a working sink, install the plumbing or have it installed by a professional; in this image, it was the look the shed-owner was going for, plus the convenience of a place to work with plants. (http://sweetvintageofmine.blogspot.com)

10. Let a Little Light In

To double your shed as a nursery/greenhouse, put in plenty of windows. Adding shelving or a bench directly underneath windows is the obvious choice here. (indeeddecor.com)




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