10 Great Patio Planters

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As spring comes to its apex, on the way toward, in just about a month, the official start of summer, we've been seeing a theme here at Cate's Garden: people are starting to run out of room.

In fact, interestingly - considering the very strange weather various parts of the country have been experiencing since mid-winter - many of our readers are getting bumper crops and magnificent yields in their garden.

So now their question remains, for the most part: "How do we fit even more in?"

Yes, really. And I'm not going to pretend I don't love that question. I've asked it myself rather than slowing down: "Okay, where else can I fit a pot of strawberry plants?" "What's ready to pull and am I too depleted there to put a next-season veggie down?" "Can I sneak yet one more plant in without my family noticing and groaning collectively?"

If this is the spot you're in (see what I did there?), don't worry - we've got 10 great ideas to fit more veg in your life. Enjoy - and never stop growing!

1. Colander Hanging Flower Basket

This is adorable, and so easy. Spray-paint, add a chain and you've just increased your "gardening" space by looking up! (Sadie Seasongoods)

2. Cinder Block Succulents Planter

It's easy to make this as large or as small as you need, and as simple as painting cinder blocks and then filling. The entire structure fits neatly into a corner. (contemporist)

3. Double-Planter Pulley

This looks so sweet, and if one flowering plant is good, two are always better! (gardeningdreams.org)

4. Tree Trunk Space-Saver

Once again we see succulents on the list, but with a taller section you can expand on what you plant. The circular shape is perfect to put in a corner or as a centerpiece on a patio. (grillodesigns)

5. Monogram Planter

Okay, HOW COOL is this? If you answered "very," "extraordinarily" or "holy guacamole," you're in the ballpark. SO CUTE. (remodelaholic)

5. Birdcage Planter

This is whimsical, fun and can be placed anywhere along your yard without taking up ground-level space. Adorable! (postris.com)

6. Hanging Galvanized Tub

Galvanized tubs are always a cute look. This one hangs to increase your yard space while prettying things up. (Frugal Coupon Living)

7. Gorgeous Wall Pallet

This is a great choice because it looks jaw-dropping, fits LOTS of plants yet only takes up the space of, well - a wall. We love this idea. (recycled-things.com)

8. Fun Recycled Children's Toy

Why didn't I think of this? I mean they're full of dirt already! Just add your favorite plant(s) (and some compost/fertilizer). If there are no cracks or openings in the bed of the toy already, drill your own for drainage. (listotic)

9. Repurposed Jug Herb Planters

If you're getting away from plastic but don't want to THROW away plastic (sadly, some locales don't have recyclables pickup and drop-off may be quite far away), try these adorable jugs. They're the perfect size for growing herbs and they hang from your railing or a gate. (grillo designs)

10. Kick It Up a Notch

So darned cool and fun! And it's easy to cut/drill holes through boot soles for drainage. (AIR MILES Canada)



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Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton

June 26, 2017

Some great ideas will be trying them soon.

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