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How to Make Trellises for Your Vegetable Garden

We were honored to recently have Gary Pilarchik of the The Rusted Garden try out his skills with our bypass pruning shears and ratchet pruners. In this video, he talks about how to make inexpensive or even free trellises for your vegetable garden using only branches and twine ...

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5 Essential Watering Tips for Gardeners

It seems so simple: water your garden when it's dry, and you're good to go.

But actually, there is a right way to water (and quite a few not-very-right ways). Knowing proper watering techniques will not only keep your garden growing, it will help your plants grow stronger roots and resist disease. And you'll save money, too.

Here are our favorite tips for watering your garden and helping it look its very best.

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Tomato Troubleshooting: Easy Fixes for a Beautiful Harvest

Tomato problems got you down? Luckily, there are fixes to some of the most common tomato problems. Here are the issues you're most likely to face - and how to salvage your harvest for delicious yields all summer long.

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